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ACF with the objective of reaching the best performance and maximum reliability; thanks to continuous research, constant innovation and the incessant improvement process, has developed a new series of controlled humidity storage cabinets, with auto-managed ventilation with extraordinary performance called “AUXILIUM”.




The incredibly broad working range (-32 ÷ +18 °C, 50 °C temperature variation), the specific function also for chocolate, the efficient relative humidity control, together with the aeraulic circuit can homogeneously distribute the heat carrying fluid making it the best solution and the most valid and irreplaceable “AID” for all those professionals working in Bakeries, Pastry Shops, Chocolate Shops, Ice-Cream Parlours, Delis and Pizza Parlours, guaranteeing them higher earnings and further freedom with the serenity of having the best products available at any time which are perfectly preserved and unaltered in flavour, fragrance, consistency and weight, as if they were freshly made.

Thanks to the high performance hardware and software with open architecture, you can customise functionality of the “AUXILIUM” series cabinets to obtain the best preservation in compliance with HACCP legislation, limiting energy consumption to a minimum.
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