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The modular compartments of the “F” series provide perfect micro-climatic conditions for the natural rising of all your baking products (bread, pastry, pizza and many others), conditions that can be reproduced automatically and cyclically.


The closure features a special spring mechanism which ensures application of correct pressure on the door rim gasket to provide a perfect seal.
The hinges, equipped with an anti-disengagement system and an aperture of over 120°, make carriage introduction/withdrawal significantly easier.
Heavy-duty bumpers are fitted both externally and internally. Those fitted internally have a dual function: not only do they protect the system from any knocks, they also act as rails to aid carriage insertion and withdrawal.


  Insulated structure:
The entire external structure consists of a set of modular isothermal panels. Each panel edge features connectors and lockhooks. The special shape of the connectors, together with the progressive tension generated during locking of the dual-action hooks, ensures that the various elements fit together perfectly, thus preventing even minimal thermal dispersion. In addition to ensuring a perfect thermal seal and making the entire structure extremely strong, the special connectors allow the system to be easily disassembled when technical-logistic requirements make it necessary. All the panels are of a sandwich-like structure: the external surfaces are made of sheet metal while the inner insulating layer consists of polyurethane resin with an average density of 40 kg/m³. The polyurethane resin obtained via polymerisation of polyol and isocyanate does not contain environmentally harmful micro-cellular plastic.


Feeding and diffusion systems:
For this category of unit, the role played by the air feed and diffusion systems is, to say the least, essential. It is air circulation, in fact, that allows the product to be cooled or heated, humidified or dehumidified. If air flow distribution is anything less than perfect, then the product will not be homogeneous. This is why the air feed and diffusion systems on ACF units are so large: they cover the entire internal walls of the plant because this is the only way to ensure optimal distribution of air at low speeds. In addition to ensuring outstanding, very low speed air distribution, the sheer size of the diffusion systems also ensures that large volumes of air are placed in circulation, thus making it possible to cool the product rapidly without having to resort to excessively low operating temperatures during the initial stage of the cycle. Moreover, these systems are specially designed for quick removal without the need for tools, thus simplifying plant sanitising procedures.


  Electrical cabinet:
The electrical cabinet, made of phosphated steel painted with epoxy powders, has been designed to provide a high degree of protection. It contains the power logic and the control electronics.


The systems are equipped with automatic internal lighting. The light (produced by a fluorescent bulb) comes on every time the door is opened.
  Control electronics:
Equipped with exclusive software, the control electronics offer, in addition to the possibility of managing all the physical parameters of such processes, virtually unlimited personalisation of plant control so as to adapt it to the product characteristics or the needs of the individual operator. The capacity to self-adapt to the introduced load quantity, display and control of temperature and humidity over time, a comprehensive set of status indicators, the ability to save all working parameters and keep them saved even in the event of a lengthy power cut are but a few of the outstanding features of this powerful management system.


Thermoregulation system:
The thermo-regulation system consists of two units: one inside the cell, called the evaporator and an external one called the condenser. Condenser units are of the air-cooled type and are sized and built for operation in areas where temperatures can be as high as 43°C: they are equipped with single-stage compressors with low noise emissions. The evaporator units have been sized so as to keep humidity inside the cell as high as possible and so stop product dehydration.
Steam generator:
The special steam generator has been designed to function whatever the concentration of limescale. The preheat function - a standard feature on all ACF steam generators - immediately provides large quantities of steam. Because the supply of steam is cyclical and not continuous as in generally the case, dosing is optimal and prevents risk of excess. Another essential characteristic of these generators is associated with the type of steam produced: this is, in fact, a “dry” steam that prevents the product from getting wet and stops droplets forming inside the systems.
Compensation valve:
The systems are equipped with special valves that allow pressure inside the room to be kept in equilibrium with the pressure outside it; this prevents any dangerous structural stress caused by rapid cooling or heating of large air volumes.
The electrical cabinet and the various units are connected by special multi-polar quick-lock connectors. The latter simplify installation, allow for fast identification of faults in the event of a malfunction and, once the problem has been tracked down, allow replacement without having to shut down the machine: moreover they drastically reduce repair times.