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  Storage cabinets SERVO series
  ASE 1P 600 ... IX  
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ASE 1P 600 --- IX


Main technical features

Kind of functioning: Ventilated refrigeration
Kind of outfit: Adjustable shelves
Step racks: 10,8 cm
Capacity: 600 l
Defrosting: Electrical
Isothermal structure: Monocoque
Insulation thickness: 6 cm
Doors: 1 (with hinges on the right)
Power supply: 230V/50Hz 1F+N+T
Weight: 106 kg
Condensing unit: Built-in unit
Refrigerant: R404A
Internal/external finishes: INOX AISI 304

The ACF storage cabinets SERVO series allow you to cooling food playing automatically microclimate conditions are ideal for the storage of food.

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  *Model Range temperature
External dimensions
cm (Le x Pe x He)
Shelves Nominal
  ASE 1P 600 TNV IX
-2 / +10
72 x 70 x 207 3 grids 53x51,5
  ASE 1P 600 BTV IX -10 / -20
72 x 70 x 207 3 grids 53x51,5
*: Product supplied assembled
- For other plants dimensions, please contact ACF technical department.

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