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  The Storage coolers of ACFs SERVO series consist of numerous models. A wide range of temperature/humidity combinations ensures that the needs of every food industry professional are met in full. Whatever your ideal storage temperature, whether above-zero or subzero, with or without humidity control, ACF has a solution that suits you perfectly.  


- 10°C <−> - 25°C Sub-Zero storage:
Sub-zero storage is a must for all those products that have undergone freezing and need to be stored, sometimes for long periods, at optimal temperatures so as to prevent any variation in their organoleptic qualities. For example, in the bakery field, Servo models are perfect for the storage of all so-called “special breads”, while in the pastry-making field they are used to store both finished products, and semi-processed products such as previously frozen. Sub-zero Servo storage coolers are also ideal for utilisation in ice-cream parlours, pizzerias, catering kitchens and restaurants.
- 2°C <−> + 10°C Above-Zero storage:
Above-zero storage units are used for a vast range of fresh food products, both packaged and non, and their utilisation extends to every branch of the food industry. Fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, cream, raw foods in general and all those ingredients subject to rapid deterioration that are found in any bakery, pastry-making business, catering facility, restaurant or pizzeria can easily be stored in Servo storage coolers to ensure freshness and maintenance of qualitative characteristics in full compliance with foodstuff safety standards.
Storage with active humidity control:
Servo storage coolers with humidity control have been designed by ACF to provide a response to the specific maintenance needs of all foods requiring control of both temperature and humidity. ACF makes systems with active humidity control, with and without probes. These are mainly used for the optimal storage of chocolate and all fresh pastry items.


External Structure:
Storage coolers of the SERVO series can be made of either AISI 304 stainless steel or silver metal panels depending on the exact requirements of the specific food industry segment. Both solutions are characterised by outstanding construction quality.
Internal Structure:
We can supply SERVO series storage coolers with two different internal set-ups according to specific customer requirements: a baking tin set-up on the EN version and the GN set up for the catering version.
    Control panel:
Complete with all functions necessary for the different storage processes, the Servo LCD control panel is stylishly designed and extremely user-friendly.