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  ALGOR blast chillers allow industry professionals to cool and/or freeze foodstuffs fast, thus optimising processing
and significantly reducing production waste while obtaining results of outstanding quality.  


+ 90°C >> + 3°C Above-Zero chilling:
All cooked foods are, before being sold or consumed, usually left to cool gradually at room temperature. However, this practice aids very high levels of bacterial proliferation, which can considerably alter the quality of the product, causing it to age rapidly and lose a good part of its fragrance. An ALGOR blast chiller will rapidly cool foods from cooking temperature down to just +3 °C at the core; it will do so well within the legal time limits, thus slowing down aging and preserving taste, quality and organoleptic characteristics.
+ 90°C >> - 18°C Sub-Zero chilling:
The speed with which a product is cooled to a core temperature of -18°C is an essential factor in fast freezing. Blast chilling allows a micro-crystallization of the water content and so prevents tissue damage: this, in turn, preserves the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of your products. Thanks to an efficient, thoroughly tested refrigeration system Algo blast chillers provide such results extremely quickly and well within the maximum time limits established by law.
  Each blast chiller of the ALGOR series can carry out three different blast-chilling cycles according to customer needs and the type of food that needs to be cooled and/or frozen.
+ 90°C >> + 3°C SOFT chilling:
SOFT chilling consists of gently bringing food products from a temperature of + 90 °C down to a temperature of +3 °C at the core in just 90 minutes.
This process is suitable for ‘small’ food items such as sweets, rice, vegetables, fish and fried products.
+ 90°C >> + 3°C HARD chilling:
HARD chilling can cool foods to a core temperature of +3 °C in just 90 minutes without any risk of damage; this process is ideal for large, dense food items with a high fat content.
+ 90°C >> - 18°C Blast freezing:
Blast freezing consists of achieving a food core temperature of -18 °C within a very short space of time so as to prevent macro-crystallisation; this means that foods can then be stored for long periods without them undergoing any qualitative alterations.
Suitable for all foodstuffs.



ALGOR blast chillers have a wide application range throughout the food industry: their utilisation is now indispensible for the making of bakery products, confectionary, ice-cream and a host of other foods that have benefitted from their use in both qualitative and economic terms.

Flavour and fragrance:
Algor blast chillers allow foods to be preserved for long periods without altering their fragrance or taste, thus ensuring customer satisfaction is maximised at all times. 
  Food safety:
Use of Algor blast chillers considerably reduces bacterial proliferation, this raising food safety levels in full compliance with HACCP standards. 
Less dryness and less weight loss:
Blast chilling considerably reduces evaporation of the water contained in foodstuffs, thus avoiding the weight loss that can diminish product value and quality.
  Stock purchasing and management:
Blast freezing allows the qualitative characteristics of a food to remain unaltered over long periods of time; this means that products can be purchased when at their highest quality and at lower cost.
Time savings:
Blast-chilled foods can be stored for long periods, thus allowing for the planning, preparation and production of greater food quantities; workers therefore save valuable time.
  Waste reduction:
Using Algor blast chillers optimises production processes, minimises waste and maximises profit.


ALGOR Baking tin structure:
A baking tin support structure with two different set-ups so as to meet a vast variety of workers’ needs. Each individual version is characterised by hard-wearing construction, efficiency and easy cleaning.
Easily accessible for sanitisation purposes, evaporators on Algor blast chillers feature an airflow specially designed to obtain high performance in an extremely brief time, thus significantly reducing dehydration of foods and keeping them fragrant and tasty.
Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the conical Algor blast chiller probe allows for automatic control of both food temperature and duration of the
various work cycles.