ACF s.r.l.
Via del Lavoro, 1/B - 2/A - 2/B

40015 Galliera Bologna
Telefono +39 051 814190
Telefax +39 051 814358
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  Safety memory     Real Time Clock
Diagnostic   Management recipes programs
Multilanguage interface     Humidity control
Humidity probe   43°C tropicalization index
Electric defrost   Hot Gas Defrosting
 Fan Defrosting   Static refrigeration
Fan speed regulation   Ventilated cold
Steam generator   Condensate drain by gravity (siphon)
Modular structure   Monocoque structure
Insulation thickness 50 millimetres   Insulation thickness 60 millimetres
Insulation thickness 70 millimetres   Insulation thickness 75 millimetres
Insulation thickness 100 millimetres   AISI 304 Stainless steel
Polyurethane tanks CFC free   Non-polluting HFC refrigerants
Installation on wheels   Adjustable feet
Energy Saving System   Core probe
Printer     GDS Global Diagnostic System
UV lamp   Electronic Record System
Evaporation condensation water     Software for PC connection
Lockable   IRDA Remote control for upload and download
HACCP alarm recording   IRDA
Needle probe   Keypad lock
Turbo Cold   Indirect refrigerating
Triplex   Two Stage Cooling System
Increases cooling capacity   Hibernate
Cleaning Ice Controls System   Free poump system
Maintenance plan system   Self-learnig function
Plug & Play   USB Upload and download recipes
Power Over Ethernet   CP3 Pulsed control system
  AWM Adgjusting Water Meter   Volumetric compensator
Remote installation of control   Small withdraw of water
Simplified use   Pump on
Chrono programmer   Mixing Manual System
Eliminate the gap of water   Electronic summer winter change
By-Pass   Counts liters
Displaying T° of watere supplied   micro-discharges drain water
Management of two mixers   Management of four mixers
Light inside    Long life